Zarrof and the king are both very similar. Both of the antagonists let the people choice their own fate. In “The Lady or the Tiger”, the king lets the criminal choice between 2 doors with different fates. In “The Most Dangerous Game”, Zarrof lets his prisoner choice to be hunted by him or to be tormented by Ivan. The characters are also similar because they are both controlling. General Zarrof created rules for his, “game” of hunting and the king rules over his kingdom and decides if a person is a criminal and must choice their fate. Both characters have many similarities but they also have their differences.
While both the king and Zarrof are similar, they have many differences that makes them unlike each other. One difference is that Zarrof participates in his game while the king does not. Zarrof participates by being the hunter while the king doesn’t participate by watching as the criminal choices their own fate. Another reason why they are both different is by their titles. Zarrof or General Zarrof was a General in the Russian Military and the King is king. The king has a greater title than Zarrof and has more control over people. These two character have some qualities that make them different.


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