Zara is a brand of Spanish clothing and accessories which are the major brands of the Inditex group. Some clothing brands compete with latest fashion such as H&M, Uniqlo, GAP and other high quality and still affordable. It may be merging of all these attributes that make Zara brand from Spanish clothing a fashion brand for everyone not only in Europe but also in Asia. So it’s no surprise that Zara was originally just beginning with a small shop in Spain but now Zara is largest and most famous retailer in the world’s and its founder by Amancio Ortega that the one of richest men the world’s. It all started when Ortega set up a garment manufacturing factory is Inditex in 1963. A year later, he started a small shop named Zorba in La Coruna and later changed the name of Zorba to Zara. Zara slowly expands their empire from the cities of Spain to the rest of the country and then to Portugal. By 1990, the store of Zara expanded to the United States, France and most in Europe. Today, Zara has nearly 6500 stores across 88 countries around the world.
As we know that Zara brand is success and famous retailer in the world that make many of the competitors in fashion industry interested to understand the secret of Zara success. Actually Zara use strategy that involve by adapting couture designs, manufactured goods and distributing the product to the store just in two to three weeks after they introduce the new design. It’s means Zara give their best by create a new design for their customer in every three to four weeks. In addition, the shop managers and sales team of Zara always monitor customer trends and customer preferences that they will report to the designers at the headquarters. Another than that, Zara operation process and action is agility such as Zara product development, manufacturing and supply chain process that make Zara is different from other competitors.


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