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Last updated: April 29, 2019

You can be criticized for anything; anything you do people are able there to criticize your work and to make you feel that you don’t know how to do it.Sometimes criticism is so frustrating that you accept even unfair remarks and worry about it. Sometimes people hate you because you are successful. Everyone react to criticism and hates in different ways.

Someone learns lessons and treat calmly. But for someone, it is a problem that causes anger issues. How we should deal with the people who judge you and your work?Calm down and listenCriticism can be unpleasant but don’t show the first emotion comes in your mind. Do not immediately after the first words to think out what to answer, and how to defend yourself. So you can miss some important details in the words of the critic and look stupid, answering him. Listen to it carefully until the end, it will help you better understand the words of another person, and also gather your thoughts to answer the most appropriate way. Take a short pause to think over his words.

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No one will judge you for this, on the contrary, so you show respect for someone else’s point of view.Accept the criticismThe simplest thing is to accept the criticism without demonstrating feelings of guilt, excuses or apologies. We all make mistakes, and the best that can be done is to identify the mistake, correct it, make the necessary conclusions and move on. Don’t think you are perfectWe don’t accept criticism because we think that there are no chances of you making the mistakes.

No matter how you try to do something, no matter what ambitious goals you set, no matter how anxiously you treat your tasks; there will always be room for error, imperfection. Don’t try to be a perfectionist and don’t refuse to become better. Ask for more information Another option is to accept a negative review, but immediately ask for more information from the critic. Ask any clarifying questions – absolutely any – about what you hear. In fact, it does not matter what you are asking about – by using this technique you “dilute” criticism and demonstrate that you are confident and controlling the situation.

Ignore themDon’t react to the comments of the haters, they try to annoy you but the best way is just ignore them and move forward. Kill them with your successPeople want your failure, so find the opportunity to do something even better and prove them wrong, achieved success.You will have haters and critics for the whole life, but you should keep believe in yourself and keep moving forward.


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