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Last updated: February 2, 2019

Written report
The topic selected by our group was ‘Homosexuality’. A group of four students was formed to decide upon their general topic and sub-topic. A student was chosen to be group leader by the members of the group. The group then helped each other to discuss some research method for the group to obtain relevant information.

However, finding the materials were challenging at first but the problem became easy because of the teacher’s help. Out of the twelve artifacts the group then chose three artefacts that represented the general topic of the group. Each member was given the opportunity to choose at least one of their artefacts to be presented.

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The first artefact is a picture of two homosexuals in a public area with angry protesters surrounding them slurring hateful words, against them. The second artefact is a poster ‘Britain threatened by gay virus plague’ which explains that AIDS as a virus is spreading at a rate of about,100 cases a day. The third artefact was a scripture stating that if a man has several relations with a man the way he would with a woman they should be put to death.

Each member cooperated for the assignment to be completed. Group work made this School Based Assessment manageable and helped each member to work to meet deadlines. These skills we gained will aid in our future endeavors in the world of work.

It helped our group to be more sympathetic towards homosexuals. we realize that homosexuality is often heavily debated with in the society especially by the religious. It is obvious from our sources that homosexual struggle to survive within society as they are constantly judged. As a group we will create awareness in our communities and local groups.


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