Topic: Business

Last updated: January 25, 2020

Written Communication:
“A written letter is the exchange of messages (informal or formal) between two or more people written and sent to one another.”
Written communication is a more accurate way of passing on information to another person or department in a business sense as the information passed across is documented on paper rather than lost through verbal communication. For example a customer at Sainsbury’s may write a formal complaint to the business due to a fault in a recent purchase or even several purchases, this complaint being in the form of a written letter. Sainsbury’s can then document this complaint in order to bring it up in following meetings.
A disadvantage to written communication is that it is usually time consuming and is more expensive due to having to pay for stamps and sending those letters. Other forms of communication including verbal or web-based are typically cheaper forms of communication and are a quicker less time consuming alternative.#
Web-based Communication:
Web-based information suggests lots of benefits of multimedia technology. With the broadband connections of today’s society, it is possible to stream sophisticated content to a computer anywhere in the world at increasingly fast speeds.


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