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Last updated: April 19, 2019

Writing Activity 2Paula J. MaysonetEnglish 215 – Research & WritingProfessor SaraswathiMay 7, 2018Working thesis statementPeople should take care of any kind of animal and don’t keeping them in a Zoo because sooner or later they will die.People think that having animals in the cage all the time is fun, but when you see it closely, they are sad and wild in the cage because they want to be in their usual habitat and even some of them are in extinction. Most of the people don’t see the danger that these animals represent the moment of visiting.

Next, we can see a lot of scientific giving their reasons why these animals should not be in the cage. “Wild animals belong to nature; they should not be imprisoned in zoos … Freedom is a precious concept, and wild animals suffer physically and mentally from the lack of freedom that captivity imposes on them.” (Virginia Mackenna 2003) . These animals are wild that’s why that our life is in danger sometimes, it’s not their fault since they are natural instinct of them. If we humans keep the animals free in their typical habitat, they will be living their normal life, being wild.

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Destroying lands plays an important factor which threatens the existence of animals. As an excuse for expanding investment, many people start devastating forests to build buildings, factories, and farms. It is incredible that these animals suffer a lot when in reality who visit the zoo is the minority of the peoples. Since we see the lack of income, we can estimate that the zoos would lack money to keep the animals in their best condition and this represents a threat to the animals. In summary, we have to stop demolishing forests, which are the homes of animals. These animals should not be in the cage a lot of time because they are wild and sometimes it can threat us.

It’s not fair that due to the lack of budget these animals begin to suffer needs since in doing these threats them and the chances of attack increase greatly and it could end up in tragedy.Starting DraftEvery living organism needs a place to live, but habitat is not just a residence, it is also where an animal finds food, raises its young and allows the next generation to take over. Unfortunately, humans destroy animal habitats in a number of different ways: building houses, clearing forests to get lumber and plant crops, draining rivers to bring water to those crops, and paving over meadows to make streets and parking lots (Jennifer Bove, 2018). As I said people does not know the danger that does animals are going thru. We as humans need to think more about those animals and how are they are going to live. Animals are being in extinction because of the house, parking lot, etc… because when those animals sees that they are losing their habitat they go somewhere else that it can be cold or hot the weather that it could even die because of that and the lack of food too. Feedback ReflectionRemembering always putting citations and quoting everything I put in the paper.

Making a strong claim that it can make people think over it and be on the right side.Having a lot more evidence of everything and more information about the animals that are in extinction.ReferencesJennifer Bove February 18, 2018. News, “Born Free Star McKenna Honoured,” 31 Dec. 2003.


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