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Last updated: March 1, 2019

Working with a group is often very challenging in college. Nevertheless, learning to work well with others is important for anyone who plans on pursuing a career in business. One of the primary things my group did well was working together. Our meetings were extremely productive and every group member promptly completed their designated tasks. Another thing we did well was gathering information.

Our research made our presentation informative and helped us persuade the audience to donate blood. Unfortunately, as we discussed in class only seven percent of what people take away from a presentation is the content itself. Our group certainly could have done a better job at presenting the information we collected.

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We made some errors transitioning between speakers and there were some instances when two of us said the same thing. On a personal level I feel I did a good job of restricting myself to only including details that were crucial to our argument. To avoid rambling, I included a few important facts and left out anything that was not persuasive. Furthermore, although my public speaking had gotten a lot better during the first weeks of the semester, I still felt somewhat uncomfortable speaking in front of the class. As a result, I tended to rush my speech and there were a few times when I forgot what I was saying. Overall though, my group did a fairly good job with our persuasive speech.


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