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work had gone to waste and making another creature like him would bring him more disappointment and torture to hus and others lives.”I could gain the good-will and meditation of the old De Lacey, I might, by his means, be tolerated by my younger protectors.”(Shelley 118) De Lacey is the blind man in this storyThis quote relates to Foster’s Chapter 22 He’s Blind for a Reason You Know where he writes about the reasons why a author might add a blind character into a story. “- the author has created a minor constellation of difficulties for himself by introducing a blind character into the work, so something important must be at stake when blindness pops up in a story.”(Foster 210) In this case the thing at stake is that Frankenstein wants to be seen for who he is and not for what he looks like. He wants to be able to create a friendship with the blind man so his children can also “protect’ him in the sense that other people might want to approach him and not be scared.

He in the end fails because the man’s children are frightened and act on impulse and Frankenstein runs away with only revenge left in his mind.This quote is connected to Foster’s Chapter 21 regarding physical defects.” But more often than not physical markings by their very nature call attention to themselves and signify some psychological or thematic point the writer wants to make.” In this way Shelley expresses the purpose of Frankenstein’s appearance

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