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Last updated: December 1, 2019

Women in Sparta had an abnormal amount of freedom and independence in comparison to their other fellow city-states. In Athens, women were shamed and hidden, expected to remain indoors and look after the household; their only purpose was to bear children. (112) Only fifteen percent of the Athenian population was allowed to participate politically.

(111) Conversely, Spartan women were encouraged to leave their homes, care for their land, and exercise and socialize with other women in the city. (100) Because all men were expected to live in the military barracks from the age of seven onward, women were in charge of both the land and household. In addition to their rare principle of gender equality, the Spartans also practiced a form of economical equality. After Lycurgus supposedly led a socialism-esque reform between 800 and 600 BCE, Sparta began trading their currency for giant iron bars and redistributing land to maintain equality. (100) All men owned the same amount of land, ate the same meals, and lived in the same barracks. This was successfully done in an attempt to eliminate inequality an

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