Topic: History

Last updated: February 9, 2019

Without properly allowing people to have freedom of expression, people are unable to create their own opinions. Sometimes the use of profanity is needed to get a point across. In certain situations, there are no better words to send the message of a person’s true feelings. This limits their true potential in expressing themselves.

If people do not stand up for Freedom of Speech, then these words will be deprived from them and their language will forever be changed. According to Cuss Time, “Word by single word, our history will be rewritten if we don’t guard and protect it, truth lost to some individual’s idea about what is right or wrong.” (McCorkle 2). The author mentions that she was a kid who frequently had her mouth washed out with soap for saying inappropriate words. Those humiliating moments gave her more motivation to say everything and more.

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She believes that she would be a better, more confident person if only she had grown up with cuss time rather than having soap in her mouth. Cuss time would not be beneficial for every kid. Many would still abuse their rights and say inappropriate things while away from their parents.

Having cuss time as a child does not mean it will make a better and more confident person. Many individuals can relate to this passage as cussing is not socially acceptable. Cussing in schools or public places is looked down upon in most parts of the world. Society limits many from expressing their thoughts and opinions by censoring their vocabulary.

According to Cuss Time, “We build a world around negatives—you can’t say, think, or do this or that. We teach that if you are safely camouflaged in what is acceptable and walk that narrow road—benign or neutral words, membership in institutions where we are told what to think and believe—then you can get away with a lot of things.” (McCorkle 2) People are encouraged to act and respond like everyone else. Most are conditioned to worry about others opinions rather than focusing on expressing their true feelings.


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