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Last updated: June 19, 2019

Without going into a biblical study on this sentence, the main concept is that “if we pray, God will hear.” More importantly, “God will forgive.”So my question is If God is willing to forgive, then who are we not to?7).

While checking on yourself and your attitude, And you’ve had found that your attitude remained healthy. But remember no one will have 100% healthy or negative attitude all the time. You’ll need to have gratitude for everything that is positive. Make a list of everything that is positive about the person or situation. Keep writing until you have compiled a meaningful list. Then give thanks for all that is positive.8). This will be a great time to take a review on your own thinking.

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Your speech and thinking still positive, if not, it’s time to pray for yourself. Your not going to be able to help others until you have help yourself.9). Now that you have made a serious examination of yourself and you find yourself with a healthy attitude, you’ll need to find a connection between that offender and yourself.

If all your attempts to create an uplifting connection with the negative person fails, with a healthy attitude, you will need to continue praying for that person and move on.10). While working in an area of extreme negative influence, it’s imperative that you surround yourself with as much power and positive people. By balancing the negative and the positive of your life, it will provide a healthier and happier life. Seek out new positive opportunities. Cultivate friends with positive attitudes. Join groups that are populated by very positive people.

11). My last piece of advice is that you can and must be willing to cut off any contact with an offender for safety and security reasons. Remember that you are working in a prison. Unfortunately, it does take much for many of the offenders to lose their control. If that’s a case, hostility and possibility a full blown fight an occurrence at any given time. My suggestion is to inform the chaplain of the situation. They are trained in such situations.


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