Within the skeleton there are two main sections. The Axial and the Appendicular. The Axial part of the skeleton “consists of 80 bones, 29 in the head, 25 bones of the thorax and 26 bones in the vertebral column”. The axial acts as a support system for the skeleton as it is the central core of the body. It does this by supporting and protecting the brain, spinal cord and lots of internal organs.

It acts as a frame for the body because it gives your body shape and support whilst attachments provide and allow your body to be able to move such as walking and running. The vertebrae which is an irregular type of bone gives this support to the body so you are able to stand whilst the cranium protects and keep safe the brain and the rib cage protects the heart and lungs. The ossicles of the ear keep the human body balanced.

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The Appendicular part of the skeleton consists of upper and lower limbs such as the arms and legs. The Appendicular section “consists of 4 bones in the shoulder girdle, 6 bones in the arm and forearm, 58 bones in the hands, 2 pelvis bones, 8 bones in the legs, 56 bones in the feet”. These limbs allow movement to occur. Appendicular means that it is a smaller bone than the others and it is joined and connected to a much larger and longer bone. An example would be the leg which is a large and long bone and the femur is joined to the fibula and tibia.

Appendage definition “is a natural body part that protrudes from the centre of an animal’s body. Examples include the limbs of vertebrates which is animals that have backbones e.g. humans”. The arms and legs are appendages. The Appendicular skeleton section has four main appendages.

The difference between the Axial and Appendicular section are that both bones are very similar, both can take weight, both stabilise the body and protect organs such as the heart and lungs. The Appendicular can however move from one place to another and is not fused however


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