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Last updated: January 26, 2020

With the world continuing to be more depended on technology, every industry from food markets to the education system is adding something new into our lives. In transportation industry something unprecedented has caught the attention of many; self-driving cars. This concept has been around for years, but there was this technological gap which led this to just being a dream,however, with the recent advancements in satellites and laser/sensor equipment it’s becoming a reality. Well known companies such as Tesla,BMW, Audi, and even Google have/ are in the process of testing their self-driving cars. With such a promising idea, it can pose to be helpful to economy and environment but also have drawbacks.

Unlike traditional cars were the driver is manually in control and has to be alert at all times of others in the road, autonomous cars are programmed to drive without the need of the driver. With the advances in sensor technologies, the car is able to gather accurate data around the surrounding environment of the car and utilize it in deciding on whether to change lanes, stop or exit the highway. In addition, the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) combined with these technologies can put road safety close to 90%. As reported by the National Highway Safety Association (NHTSA), 94% of crashes that happen are due to dangerous choices or errors that people make. Automated vehicles are the key to removing human error and help protect drivers as well as pedestrians and bicyclists.

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With the use of Autonomous cars in roads ,such as highways, becomes more standard, traffic becomes less of an issue. The way traffic lights and road signs work is to serve the purpose of having order in the road and let drivers communicate with each other. Traffic can form in many ways, of which is when a driver sharply changes lanes causing the driver behind to slow or break these then causes a domino effect through that lane having all the cars stopping. Autonomous cars are the key to completely change the traffic system, one with little traffic lights and signs. Sensors are used to collect and communicate information with other autonomous cars which allows them predict the positions and minimize the spaces between them. In addition, the small distances between the cars and the flow of traffic being constant, can save considerable amounts of time during the trips. Moreover, our use of cell phones during driving has add more serious accidents to the road, that’s why having autonomous cars can tremendously reduced this.


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