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Last updated: March 17, 2019

With the awareness of the positive effects of the Traditional Teaching Approach and the Flipped Classroom Approach, the following will be the beneficiaries of this study:Students. The Traditional Teaching Approach may be resulted as good academic performance of the students in Physical Education but it will be more in sounds if we will be applying 21st century techniques such as Flipped Classroom Approach that can make the students more engage in learning concepts in Physical Education.Teachers. The Traditional Teaching Approach is mastered by all teachers—seasoned or newly grad.

In the other side, Flipped Classroom Approach offers a revolutionary step for teachers in delivering sound lecture to students. The approach essentially frees up class time so that teachers can focus more in helping struggling students. Aside from this, teachers will no longer the reteach the lesson on the same way since this topic is always being discussed ever grade level.School Administrators. The Flipped Classroom Approach takes advantage on the use of today’s technology to be successful.

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In this regard, school administrators may opt to consider training their teachers to apply the model in their school. Additionally, the flipped classroom approach relies on using gadgets. Through this, administrators may reconsider their policies on the use of gadgets and class time in order for the flipped classroom approach to be highly successful.Parents. With the use of the Flipped Classroom Approach, the parents may also watch the video lecture in order to help their children in studying the lesson.Programmers and Developers.

As more schools adopt the Flipped Classroom Approach the demand for better video-editing software, better Physical Education software, and better learning management software will increase. Programmers and developers may opt to develop their software with the Flipped Classroom Approach as basis.Researchers. The results of this study may not provide conclusive evidences but it can provide additional information about the Comparison of Traditional Teaching Approach and Flipped Classroom Approach. Thus, it will serve as a resource for further studies.


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