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Last updated: May 3, 2019

With a lot of Youtubers emerging here and there, it’s undeniable that vlogging is today’s new T. V.
Vlogs or Video Blogs are videos of any content that are usually uploaded on YouTube, allowing people to express themselves and share random or even special moments to the public.
With video blogging, people can share their opinions or views about the different places that they visit, food that they eat or just simply sharing their feelings or thoughts about a certain topic.
This is what makes vlogging interesting, you can make different types of contents that suits your style and outlook in life especially if your passion is in the field of media or you simply just want to entertain people.
Since vlogging is a little bit easy to do, a lot of Filipinos are trying to join the bandwagon. YouTubers like Cong TV, Michell Dy, Janina Vela and Wil Dasovich are just some of the Filipinos that are starting to create a name in the field of vlogging.
Aside from being a medium to express one self, vlogging also became a source of income for a lot of people. YouTube channels with a great content and a large number of viewers can earn money even if they’re just at their homes by continuous uploading of videos and doing paid advertisement for different brands or products.
Many Filipino celebrities are also starting vlog, sharing the life that they have outside showbiz and letting their fans to know them better and deeper.
Vlogging is becoming more and more common everyday as a lot of vlogging equipment are getting cheaper and editing soft-wares are becoming more prevalent, and because of this, number of aspiring Filipino vloggers are adding up each day.


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