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Last updated: April 27, 2019

With a faster pace of everyday life, employability skills are becoming essential in modern society. The employability essential concepts and skill sets represent universal content. They contribute to outcomes that are valued for individuals and for society; bring benefits in a wide variety of contexts and apply to multiple areas of life; and are of use to all individuals, deemphasizing competencies of use only in a specific trade, occupation or walk of life. Tesco will need to see the employability, personal and communication skills before hiring their employees.

Communication skills The definition of communication skills is “the ability to use language and express information. It is a way that uses the own language and body language to exchange information with others and understand others easily. It includes speaking, listening and writing. Hence, communication skill is a tool to run throughout business areas and it has significant impact on business. Communication skills may represent in many ways, for example, talking face to face with customers and colleagues, answering a phone call, reply E-mails and writing a report. These actions are required to be done in business workplace all day especially for Manager.

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Communication skills will be very relevant for the prospective employee because to be a customer assistant, it will be very important for the person to be able to communicate effectively with the customers and colleagues Management skills “Management is about taking the right decisions at the right time and getting them implemented by the right people.” If a customer assistant will want to progress to be a manager, the customer assistant will need to be able to make the right decision, at the right time and to the right people, be able to run a business or a team. For instance, a good manager will require excellent analytical and organizational skills to make a right decision to acquire the best returns. It is highly associated with problem solving skills. These decisions also need to be made at the right time. Problem solving skills Problem solving skill is widely required in today’s employment market. It is highly integrated with decision making in management skills.

In commercial and industrial operations, we can easily meet tons of problems. It is very hard to predict every single movement in modern business market. Therefore, it is an important skill to obtain while engage problems in work process. We shall always be prepared to encounter problems, so we can find solutions to solve these problems. Problem solving skills can be either solving problems for clients or for superiors. Lots of problems happen from time to time at Tesco and so a prospective customer assistant will need to be able to think on their toes and be able to solve any problem that might happen in the workplace so that the store will be able to run smoothly. Personal knowledge Problem solving often requires very broad knowledge. Personal knowledge is another major skill in work place.

The definition of knowledge in professional field is “familiarity or conversance, as with a particular subject or branch of learning”. Knowledge is like the foundation of employability; the major resource of knowledge is from school and college study. Knowledge is the ability to understand the truth of a certain object. With knowledge, people can get a clear vision of what their roles are in the team, and the way to do their own job and cooperate with their colleagues.

If someone will want to be a customer assistant, it will be good if the person has a little bit of knowledge about the job. Work experience Work experience can be seen as a form of knowledge, it is also an important employability skill required by both employers and employees in business organizations. The definition of work experience is a period working in business and has some knowledge or skills of the world of work.

It is important because employers are looking for some candidates who have the knowledge over the working environment. Work experience also covers other different kinds of skills like team working, communication skills and problem-solving skills. A customer assistant who has work experience may find it easier than the other candidates to get a dream job because they had faced some of the events in job in another workplace before. Teamwork Skills Teamwork is a term that means a group of people, but each one does the individual part to perform a joint action and in order to achieve the same goal. (Teamwork in classroom, etc.) Teamwork is one of the most important relationships in workplace. The best team number of a determine goal team is 6 ~ 10 people.

The working steps are one team leader dividing the big job into different part of small work, each member choose one interested and suitable part to finish. After that, collect all the information from every member and compose to a final work to achieve the goal. Teamwork is very important in the workplace because employees are mostly put in groups to undertake some type of work at Tesco and so if someone will want to apply to be a Tesco customer assistant, the person will need to know how to work effectively in a team.


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