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Last updated: August 23, 2019

Wicca is something that is revolutionary in the modern day era because unlike the other major religions Wicca does not have a history that spans thousands of years ago to a to a single central figure or group of people that must follow a set of laws that have to be obeyed for generations. In this paper, I will be introducing the religion of Wicca and explaining the factors that make it different from the other main religions.

History writes that Wicca or also known as Pagan Witchcraft is a complex religious belief system centering around gods, goddesses, and nature worship. This religion was given birth in England and introduced to the world in the form of a book called “Witchcraft Today” which was authored by the Father of Witchcraft, Gerald Gardner. According to White (2016), it was introduced to the world it was called Witchcraft, and the name Wicca became more permanent through the decades possibly due to Gardner’s rival Charles Cardell, who by 1958 was referring to it as a “Cult of Wiccans.”Divinity A vast majority of Wiccans believe that the theory of deity is generally theistic. The existence of God and Goddess is very distinct in the Wiccan philosophy and to clarify it; Wiccans are polytheists, and they believe in several deities, resembling the Pagan philosophy (Adler,1979).

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In the 21st century, however, believe that the gods and goddesses bare a strong resemblance to the old Pagan gods of Brittania. According to Gardner, Wiccan divinity revolves around a Goddess, and a Horned God and both are regarded as equal yet opposite beings (Gardner,1959).The Horned God is the dualistic god of twofold aspects: bright and dark, night and day, summer and winter, the Oak King and the Holly King.

In this dualistic view, his two horns symbolize, in part, his dual nature. According to Gardner that The Horned God is an Under-god, a mediator between an unknowable supreme deity and the peopleThe Goddess is seen in three different aspects of the Moon and as the feminine consort of the horned god. The Maiden, The Mother, and the Crone represent the waxing, full, and waning stage of a woman’s life.


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