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Why is it Important to have Effective marketing Department in an OrganizationEssay Write UpAssignment#11238257955280Name: Emek1iel MichaelID#45251000000Name: Emek1iel MichaelID#4525Why is it Important to have an effective Marketing Department in an organization?There are many factors that contribute to business success, today’s successful organizations share a strong customer focus and are fully committed to marketing.

The goal of modern marketing is to attract new customers by promising superior value and to keep current consumers by delivering satisfaction. CITATION Phi01 p 22 l 1033 (Philip Kotler, 2001, p. 22). In this 21st century, due to more advancement in technology, it is encouraging a rapid increase of businesses engaging in global markets or from the domestic market into international marketing. The organization who reflect development in business stages are those ones that have effective marketing department which engage the resources use and ability to achieve success in its goal.Marketing Department can be described as a firm’s spine; in which it aids the development of businesses and makes sure businesses achieve their goal by delivering value to the target market in order to make the profit. As Alan Mitchell said: ”To say the Marketing Department is responsible for marketing is like saying love is the responsibility of one family member”CITATION Ala19 l 1033 (Mitchell, 2009).

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This means, Marketing Department plays a vital role that promotes the mission of an organization; and which it has responsibility to reach out to consumers, investors, and create an overarching image that represents a company in a positive light.Thus, it is agreed that having marketing Department that is effectively operating is important because; it encourages business to gain recognition which has influence over the target market, improving sales capacity and increasing consumer demand which result in businesses earning more revenue. Therefore, businesses who are functioning without an effective marketing department are easily bankrupt and dissolved in operation or even make losses. This essay will discuss why having effective Marketing Department is important based on three main roles of Marketing Department in an organization; including strategic market plan, building communication link and brand loyalty management.Firstly, Strategic planning deals with the relationship of an organization to its environment and thus relates to all areas of a business. Among all these areas, marketing is the most subject to outside influences.

Thus, Marketing concerns are key to strategic planning. It has generally been believed that the only marketing decision that has strategic content is the one concerned with the product/Market perspectives. Without properly relating the strategic planning effort to the marketing, the whole process tends to become immobile. CITATION Jai121 l 1033 (Jain, Haley, & Voola, 2012) Effective strategic market planning as a role of the marketing department performs the vital role in a business’ day-to-day operation. It ensures a business focuses on the conduct of marketing activities towards target market and enable the business operation to function effectively by defining the mission and goal of the business.

The strategic market planning is often used by the top managers in the business purposely to coordinate financial budget and for making the decisions about the future running of the business. Furthermore, strategic market planning is designed by the top managers with the use of the marketing tool called marketing research. The marketing research plays an important part in creating an effective strategic plan as a role of the marketing department in an organization.

It links an organization to its market through information. It is a critical part of such a marketing intelligence system; it helps to improve management decision making by providing relevant, accurate and timely information CITATION Dav95 l 1033 (David, 1995). In addition, businesses with the focus of the target market or profit desire; conducting an effective marketing research to recognize the market mix (product, Price, promotion and place), thus to obtain more information purposely to structure an effective marketing plan that will satisfy the needs of the target consumer and fulfil the organizational goal. Thus, with the common sense in marketing; we can relate marketing research as the primary foundation of the effective strategic plan that enables the top management to be wiser in decision making for the business operation. Secondly, building communication links between supplier and consumer in marketing environment is very important. Purposely, for gaining market recognition over target consumer; and increasing sales capacity which exposes effectiveness of marketing department in an organization.

Marketing communication today is more complex compared to the past where marketing information about a good and service was obtained from limited source, usually mass communication sources such as television and newspaper. With a limited number of communication sources causing the delay in the deliverance of information about a product to target consumers. In contrast to today’s, due to the rapid increase in technology many businesses advance in delivering perfect information through the variety of advertising – vehicles such as website, direct mails, target magazines and hosting of sale promotion CITATION Val08 l 1033 (Valarie A.Zeithaml, 2008) In addition, the building of communication links does not affect the only external environment of a business but it also has greater influence on internal environment of an organization.

In most cases, successful businesses are those that maintain strong communication links both within the organization and external environment (target market and consumers) and that result in business developing in stages or being globalized. Finally, Management of brand loyalty is referring to the relationship between a company’s product name that is most favored by the consumer with the repeated purchase based on satisfaction. Product branding is an important part of marketing decision-making and the marketing mix because it is one of the main ways in which organization identify their products CITATION JRM94 l 1033 (J R McColl-Kennedy, 1994). In both marketing environments either domestic or International market, branding of the product defines the business by delivering fact about a product which the business is selling; and that gives the solution to the target market.

A product brand connects the consumer with the business and delivers satisfaction in both parties when business focus on marketing mix (product, place, promotion, and place). In addition, effective brand management requires a long-term view of marketing actions. Because consumers response to marketing activity depend on what they know and remember about a brand, short-term marketing actions, by changing brand knowledge, necessarily increase or decrease the long-term success of future marketing actions CITATION Phi09 l 1033 (Philip Kotler ; Kevin Lane Keller, 2009). However, at some point failure to reinforce the brand will diminish brand awareness and weaken brand image. Thus a credible brand signals a certain level of quality so that satisfied buyers can easily choose the product again and reinforce its value. Brand loyalty provides predictability and security of demand for the firm, and it creates barriers to entry that make it difficult for other firms to enter the market. Loyalty also can translate into customer willingness to pay the higher price more than competing brand. Although competitor may be creative in new product’s designs, they cannot easily match lasting impressions left in minds of customers by years of experience and marketing activity.

Thus, Branding can be a powerful means to secure a competitive advantage CITATION Phi12 l 1033 ( Philip Kotler & Kevin Lane Keller, 2012).To conclude, all successful businesses are those that have the effective marketing department and those that have the ability to stand out in the competing world of marketing. Since marketing involves having the right product available in the right place at the right time and which make sure that the consumers are aware of the products; (Week. 2 ppt. Lecture. Notes) it is essential for all businesses to build and maintain strong marketing department by exploring its role for success in the target market.

Furthermore, the marketing department has many responsibilities in marketing environment but what has been discussed are the main roles that are involved in the structuring of the effective marketing department that executed companies’ recognition; and market shares in the competing world of marketing. The effective strategic marketing plan as a role of marketing department can be described as a tool for business success that purposely designed for determining company’s mission and goal achievement. It is also useful for the top manager’s in making decisions when analyzing the business strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats for the target market.

For businesses operating without the strategic marketing plan are described as businesses that exist without a goal. Thus, it is vital for businesses to create an effective strategic marketing in order to exist in the world of marketing with the only goal of profit making.Building communication links and brand loyalty are also the vital roles for marketing department purposely for maintaining a strong relationship between the company and target consumers. Thus not all businesses that involve in the marketing competition are successful; those companies that failed in operation and results bankrupt are the ones that do not have the marketing department effectively functioning. However, it is important for businesses to have the effective marketing department in order to succeed in operation by gaining market recognition, market shares and being globalized.

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