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Last updated: March 29, 2019

Why are co educational schools the best choice for kids?

For a long time, single-sex schools were the only education available, it wasn’t until protestants groups argued that girls should be also taught how to read the Bible. The United States were the first country in adopt this system, before Europe due to religion and culture differences. Nowadays, there are more mixed schools than single sex schools. While many people trust a single-sex education due to better academic results, I strongly believe that co educational schools provide the perfect balance between social development and academic development.
People claim that boys and girls have more self-esteem in single-sex schools than in coed schools. Girls and boys behave themselves in different ways depending if they are with people in the opposite sex. Granleese and Joseph’s 1993 study shows that in all girls schools girls have more self-esteem and less self-critical; furthermore, the study also showed that girls in mixed schools are less confident about their abilities and their conduct. However, that same study showed that girls in mixed schools are more confident about their physical appearance than those in single-sex. Another study (Smith 1996) showed that kids that transitioned from a single-sex school to a coed school, at first experienced a decrease in their self-esteem, nevertheless; after 5 years their levels of self-esteem increased and even surpassed the original level of when they went to a single sex school.Moreover, a study realized in Switzerland showed that girls attended an all-female school are twice as likely to have eating disorders that those who went to a coeducational school. This study related directly the eating disorders to the lack of physical self-esteem that is found in single-sex schools due to the ideals that girls in this background have.
In addition, some people believe that the relationships between genders made in coed schools can be easily replaced by those outside the school.

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