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whose reputation is questionable. Mrsand Miss are another case. They are used with the names of all female personsfrom reputation, as they are necessary for the identification of their marital status 7, 99.Ideologists of feminism believe that the vocabulary and grammatical structure of the English languageadversely affect the minds of people who speak it.

Among the units of language,Criticized by feminists, we can name the following:? the noun man, used in his once traditional values ??”a person of eithersex “: Every man is an architect of his fortune (proverb); or “people in general”: Man has always dreamed of beingable to fly 11, 95;? composites with the basis of man: mankind, man-made, manhunt etc 12;? derivatives with a gender-marked word-building suffix: teacher – teacheress, doctor -doctorine 12;? personal and possessive pronouns of the third person of the masculine gender: he, him, his atuse in relation to men and women: He laughs best who laughs last. He who seeks finds(proverbs).Thus, all of the above gender-labeled units within the feministlinguistics received the status of Sexists Words (sexist terms), and English itself – The statusSexist Language.In this regard, widespread popularity among public figures, linguists and writersgets the idea of ??a politically correct language, neutral in terms of pointing to the face – TheNon-Sexist Language. Many publishers hastened to release special dictionaries and reference books,authors of which give recommendations, by means of which language means should be avoided in their speechwords and expressions, directly or indirectly indicating the gender of a person.

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Feminist authors tryRemoving from the language means that can be perceived as gender markers – “to de-gender theEnglish language “10; 13. In this regard, a whole set of instructions and recommendations has been developed, following thewhich, the speaker can use linguistic units expressing the necessary value, butwhich are gender neutral and politically correct.Thus, it can be concluded that the category of gender in modern English shouldConsider not a grammatical but a semantic category, that is, based on a lexical meaning


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