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Last updated: February 12, 2019

While the present research does have multiple implications, it is also subject to a few limitations. First, this study will only involve several branches of CIMB bank in Johor Bahru.

Hence, the data and findings will only be focusing towards the targeted respondents. This research might not be suitable for others organization that have different fields and different working environment. As the study was conducted in one specific organization, thus, further evidence in other professional group is needed for comparative purposes. As the researcher conducted a questionnaires survey via mail, it is expected to face several issues of limitation. One of the issue to be considered is possibility of manipulated entries.

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In questionnaires, it is very difficult to detect the errors of the respondents. The researcher does not have any facility to check the validity of the information. In the absence of the researcher, the respondents may supply manipulated information. Another limitation of using this kind of method is, low return rate. There might be a chances that the mailed questionnaire been ignored by certain respondents. A low response rate, will result to incomprehensive picture of the situation, where the results may not fully reflect the characteristics of the population being studied. Besides that, due to the time limit, this research will only be conducted on a small size population from few branches in Johor district.

Furthermore, bank’s employees always facing a high volume of work, and there might be a possibility for the participant to answer the questionnaires in hurry, which then would affect their answers. The response of the respondents might get influenced by their co-worker, and some respondents may not disclose the truth. Other than that, the result of the study might be vary based on the gender of the participant.


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