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Last updated: January 28, 2019

While loving someone unconditionally gives you more energy to keep on goingtowards path of your relation. Having a pure soul in today’s world isn’t so badthing; but, the people have changed a lot nor does everyone see a good in you.Soul is purification of love, disguise of one to empower the other emotions.A privilege soul abominates the relation of lover’s when one gives moreimportance then needed. Soul isn’t separated from the body ‘because it’s easierto let go which is very difficult to understand the anatomy especially, when twoare connected.

Relatively, we’re bound to have an emotional link with what wecan’t feel, see or even touch. Something that’s inevitable can do more damagesthan it happen to be just a soul or even emotion.Deep down inside you feel like someone should complete you in fact it does butis it really worth even when you know the soul is going to be betrayed. Relationbegins with responsibility, commitment, promises and annihilated by ego, hate,doubts and thoughts. Lonely soul such a terrifying word isn’t it.

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When a soul touches matches the other together it can achieve more andfrequent goals are better to have nothing in hands. When relation started tohave irrelative arguments, fights even jealously things started to fades. It tearsapart the soul which let ultimate power, energy, and motivation to forget andkeep on moving. It drenched into memories of someone you spend time with,making love, caring and everything a faithful soul could.Then there comes a time that soul starts to feel disappointed, having guilt,holding grudges that shatter the life, while having a hard time coping with thememories.

Love supposed not to have jealously, fights over small discussions,hate, doubts, humiliation and embarrassment etc. But then soul became thedarkest soul ever known. Wanted to hate, but couldn’t do it, wanted to love butcouldn’t stop letting someone betray it. Wanted to be happy but couldn’t find apurpose to stay happy.Nothings kills more than being lonely for a while, it takes time to know that thesoul have been in the darkness well pushed there forcibly to live there until soulglows with light, relation never dies ’cause two souls are connected thus, it dieshaving ego, anger, hate, humiliation


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