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Last updated: February 3, 2020

While “football” continues to dominate as the most popular sport globally, soccer has been fighting an uphill battle to match the interest of American football in the United States of America. Now days the popularity of soccer in the United States of America, however, a combination of factors has significantly helped as the rates to be rise. Also, the rise of additional franchises, entry of international stars and widespread game programs have increased access and attention to the games.
“According to Nielsen Sports Sponsor link, Major League Soccer has experienced a 27% rise in interest since 2012.”

2018 The Nielsen Company (US) LLC
According to this study within seven years the growth rate is rose by 10%, this shows that, the Major League Soccer get more attention by designated market area. Supporting this rise in interest, the average national television audience for a Major League Soccer game broadcasts is up 13% year over year, and the sport is getting attention online as well. On average, so far this season, Major League Soccer teams have received a 46% uplift via social media, according to (Nielsen Sports Social24).
At this time, outside of the top local market, Miami is the largest-ranking market, by percent of those interested in Major League Soccer, without a franchise. According to Nielsen Scarborough research, “Los Angeles, New York, Dallas/Fort Worth, Philadelphia and Seattle/Tacoma are the top local markets interested in Major League Soccer as a percent of the total designated market area population. In a recent study social media value for major League Soccer team 51% came from owned and operated channels such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and YouTube while the other 49% came from earned exposure value, driven by Major League Soccer league office posts and additional soccer-related media handles, like 433, ESPNFC and Sports Illustrated (Nielsen Sports Social24)

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Source: Nielsen Sport24 and Social24, 2/1/18 – 6/1/18 Quality Index (QI Media Value)
This season Major league Soccer have 23 teams with 20 in the united state and three in Canada


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