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Last updated: April 14, 2019

WHERE THERE IS WASTE…-Thamizh The rain had found its stoppage and the cumulus started to retrieve, Mr. Thooyan gestured Dr. Mac Clean for a coffee since, their tiring day ended unexpectedly by the mercy of the rain like one that ends the back wrong horse cricket matches. After a long hunt, they sorted down to the appropriate table in the cafeteria to start their lavish conversation along with the innocent coffee from their favorite barista the Naïve Narayana.

It was an unwritten rule that the talkative man, Mr. Thooyan have to break the silence that had been insisted by the innocent coffee. Hence he started perceiving his mind to frown and pity on the Roadside Ragavan, a vagabond who slept with the leftovers given out by those big-hearted people who pass over. “Look out, how he sleeps recklessly with those eaten and squandered trashes, Dr. Clean. I emphasize only because of people like him this nation is never ever going to develop and we would stand only in the very same place we are now in the environmental performance index.

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” Dr. Clean sighed an ‘yes’ with the potency given by the very innocent coffee, he came up with few more conceptual adding fuel to Mr. Thooyan’s fire. “People are least aware about the waste and its management issues. I insist men of this society must be at least aware of the types of wastes they generate and its disposal-to-management process that follow, because those types of waste are listed as long as its impact does. I feel, prominent among them would be the household waste including plastics, clinical and electronic wastes. One cannot travel his day around without crossing these trashes filled landfills in the city.

Positively exclaiming, Mr. Thooyan hastily joined him explaining briefly about the waste management besides ordering plates of samosa to add up their steep cholesterol earned out of these kinds of witty lethargic conversations. “May be sometimes I used to wonder why people show less or no interest in treating up the waste around them so that they can keep themselves clean and tidy why they don’t bother about the cleanliness prevailing in the developed countries. It is actually simple to implement Mr. Thooyan.

Those countries that top the list just follows a dogma of 4 R’s: Reductions, reuse, recycle and recover which just requires a cloudless, settled infrastructure accompanied by the enforcement of the government.” There this discussion started to smirk by an additional atelophobic Mr. Nomadic Nanda from the next table who added up his envoy and expectation to their chat along with his oil dripping chats. He said, “those R’s of course plays the very vital role in cleanliness, folks. Yeah, when once I travelled to Switzerland that holds number one place in the environmental performance index, I got astonished by their strategy. Can you imagine! More than 50% of their trashes are recycled (with 95% for glass like materials), He high browed.

They even consider a man who produces more than 714kg of waste (almost 10 times of his weight) per year to be a worst offender and this accomplishes the act of implementing reduction. They not only recycle and reuse the reprocessed material like bottles etc., but they even generate electricity which accommodates about 3.1% of energy obtained through incinerators that recycles to light up their country.” While they two started peering with dismay, Nomadic Nanda continued, “Do you people know about Norway, which stands on the 10th place in the index only because of its high level of pollution despite its cleanness? Yeah, this country is now striving to import waste from others in order to run its waste to energy incinerator plants for they wish to provide more than 60,000 out 340,000 household in Oslo with heat, whilst getting rid of the waste is an herculean task, they don’t buy the waste but the waste holders pay for it, and that’s called evolvement. As the coffee and its companions exhausted this conversation too found its bottom line with an anonymous agreement that the people and government are completely responsible for our erroneous state of environment. Mr.

Thooyan phrased, it is only “garbage in, hence garbage out” so reduction of usage is the need of the hour. While Dr. Mac Clean emphasized until the government effectively enforces the measures to manage the generated waste and considers the lethargies of these litter louts as an offence against the nation, this issue won’t find its way out.

There Nanda seconded them with a nod sighing, that’s the moment to adjourn their discourse. As the three men took leave, the dormant table that stood in solitude so long holding those cancerous empty paper coffee cups and plates that where left abandoned on it thought of their cynical hostility and concluded subtly that, “They were all men in the same boat of Hypocrisy.”


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