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Last updated: April 20, 2019

“Where is she?”shouted the Crown Prince with a tear gliding down his cheek.”On her deathbed”replied the servant.”The doctors tried everything, but it was too late!”. “She has killed by foul means,shot to be precise”.”Who in their right mind who kill Queen Victoria” screamed the prince.”She was beloved to the nation!”.”We don’t know who did it, but we intend to find out”said the servant.”But who could uncover this mystery?. “Detective Charles Stuart”replied the Prince.

Charles was just waking up when a sudden ring went beside him.
He glanced and saw that the telephone was ringing. He picked up the reliever and asked “Who is this?”.”I am Edward,Prince of Wales,and I,Charles Stuart, require your help.”said the voice coming out of the receiver.”Why do you need my help?”asked Charles.”Your mother is the Queen of the British Empire. She can help you with anything”.”Victoria is dead” said Edward without emotion.”Edward, I give you my deepest sorrows and I will do anything to help get over this”.”Then help me uncover the mystery behind her murder” said the Prince.”Murder!”exlaimed Charles.”Why was she murdered?”.”I will tell you only if you agree to help me.”said the Crown Prince.”I will give you help then”said Charles.”I will be at the palace soon”.”I will be expecting you”replied Edward.

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“Ah, Charles Stuart, we have expecting you” said the Royal Staff.”


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