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Last updated: February 26, 2019

Whenever we talk about cyber crimes our mind generally revolves around cyber security. Cyber security means protection of our systems and classified information from cyber attacks Our country is moving forward towards digital India where each and every sector in the economy are dependent on internet for carrying sensitive transactions. This makes our country vulnerable to cybercrimes and thus cyber security plays a very important role in protecting our classified information. Cyber security ensures protection of our data by preventing any loss from cyber security attacks .As our nation moving towards technological advancement it becomes important that we should educate people to work in this environment . This paper discusses about cyber security and increasing cybercrimes in our country. It also discusses about the impact and challenges of cyber threats on the society and digital India.
Keywords- cybercrimes, cyber security, challenges to society, Facebook data breach

Internet has become one of the most important part of our lives .it plays a very important role in our life not only in communications and work but also conducting various online transaction like in online shopping or transferring of money from one account to another or making payments. Today most of the people are dependent on internet for their work that is why it is prone to various cybercrimes and thus this field requires high degree of security for safer and best transactions.
India is trying to move towards a digital country where public sectors and private sectors and individuals depend on internet to carry classified and sensitive information. This makes our country vulnerable from cybercrimes and thus Cyber security plays a very important role in protecting our information from cyber attackers who can easily steal and destroy highly classified information. Many business organizations have installed various antivirus software’s and firewalls to protect their systems from cybercrimes but these are not enough to protect their data from stealing. They need to take reasonable steps to protect their data systems and privacy of their clients.
Cyber security depends upon the decisions that people take during the installation and setting up of the computers and internet. Cyber-security covers physical protection (both hardware and software) of personal information and technology resources from unauthorized access which is gained through technological means. Albert Einstein was quoted as saying ”Problems cannot be solved with the same level of awareness that created them”. The problem of End-User mistakes cannot be solved by adding more technology; it has to be solved with a joint effort and partnership between the Information Technology community as well as the general business community.

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The main objectives of the study are:
?To analyse increasing cybercrimes in India and problems associated with it
? To create awareness about cyber security


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