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Last updated: May 23, 2019

When you start to crave that nice hot Italian pizza pie, Pizza Hut might be the first restaurant that would come to mind. Now that Pizza Hut has a very easy website to navigate and it made ordering pizza easier. The website gives the customer a great experience when it comes to ordering one of Pizza Huts products. gives the customer new ways to attract and involve the consumer in the company’s brand. The new website Pizza Hut now has to offer has launch the business to the new modern age when it comes to ordering pizza, the website allows the customer to see where their product is in real time. Pizza Hut website has been successful because they managed to incorporate the 7 web design elements. The websites context and content are made clear and simple for the consumer, just to be made more convenient. Customization is made by the consumer but it is mainly used to make ordering more simple and hassle-free.

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For registered customers, they have many different ways to personalize their way of ordering from Pizza Hut. pizza Hut offers its registered customers the option of Express Checkout which allows the consumer to save their favorite orders and creates a sort of “playlist” of the customers different orders. Pizza Hut also created a Facebook like way for their customers to create a community with other consumers in a social network type of way. The commerce is helped by a bunch of different ways for the consumer to order their food. Pizza Hut’s website is far more than just a website for just ordering food, it uses social media as an advantage when it comes to their marketing. Pizza Hut uses choiceboards and personalization systems to help individuals achieve their personal order.

Pizza Hut’s Express Checkout is one of their choiceboards that allow the customer personalize their order and then save that order for the next time they want to order the same meal. This choiceboard is based on personalization the two of these systems do not work without the other. Pizza Hut’s digital marketing strategy also play a role when it comes to the consumer ordering their food. The marketing strategy is that it allows the consumer to post their orders on social media which gives Pizza Hut free advertising for future profit.


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