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Last updated: April 11, 2019

When you search for your business name or key terms online through Google and you aren’t on the first page, you are nearly invisible to customers. Don’t worry though! There are a few different internet marketing services which can be employed by Cohlab to get you on the first page and bring in more customers.In general, the higher ranked and more frequently a website’s pages appear in search results, the more visitors it will receive which can then be converted into customers. We focus on data to create and reinforce those results and put you ahead of your competitors, which leads to more leads and opportunities for you.Get A Quote For Internet Marketing ServicesContent MarketingWe use data from search engines to help your website rank higher in searches. Copious research reveals which keywords are most advantageous for your business to rank for.

Your website’s rank is increased through the creation of consistent, high-quality internet marketing content over time, which encourages the viewing, sharing and linking to of your content by customers and internet users. This in turn leads to a higher rank in search engine results.GeoMarketing PagesWe can also target keywords based on localities where you do business – from Anchorage, Alaska to Fort Myers, Florida, we can help build your rank in local searches with our hyper-specialized GeoMarketing Pages. These pages will provide location specific information while while also giving potential clients a strong understanding of what you do across the board, bringing them deeper into your site to convert.

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SEO DesignEvery internet marketing decision we make is influenced by SEO design. From the placement and language of a call-to-action to the description of every single image and layout of the paragraphs. Even if we didn’t design your website, we can help it perform for the keywords we’ve identified.


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