When working in a school, we have to have relationships with other adults, this could include other members of staff, parents and other professionals that come into school – for example OFSTED. Every adult you come into contact within the workplace needs to see you are friendly, approachable and can offer advice and support where needed. A good use of communication is effective in this role as if a child’s parent comes to you with important information you need to handle it professionally and pass it on to the correct person if necessary.
Show Respect
If you want kids to be respectful, then you need to show them that same level of respect. It may be cliché, but treat pupils the way that you would want to be treated. If you are polite, show gratitude and understanding – then you will encourage the children to behave the same way.

Accept and admit when you’re wrong
There’s no shame in admitting that you’ve made a mistake. By seeing that even a teacher can be wrong, and that they’ll openly admit it pupils will learn to accept their mistakes – and that if needed, that it’s better to apologise and make amends than to pretend that the mistake never happened.

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