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Last updated: April 20, 2019

When we hear the word teenager what comes up in our mind?The disadvantages of teenagers is probably what you’re thinking..

.Over the years, there have been a gradual change of the way teenagers behave. The value of the teens had developed the way society wants to become. The way they dress,act and even speak is different. Commonly the way they dressed are based on the trends they see in the internet or even before the origin of social media, teenagers have been engrossed with whats new.

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When we say teenagers we often associate it to teens who are engaged in the most controversial things that circles their minds. Most often than not in today’s world,teenagers are seen with their gadgets on trying to catch up on whatever they think suits to the world lives.Their lives aren’t completed without accessing social media everyday. Teenagers prefer making friends in cyber world than in reality. But beyond those social media effects on teenagers who are braver and have more knowledge and wisdom they receive from their peers. They know things more likely perhaps the kind of attitude that older people wouldn’t understand.

Behind every pain and happiness has a story.Teenagers now are fiercer in action but vulnerable within. Because they were labeled to be strong to be strong independent people because they don’t depend their rejections o how other people would solve it. They do it on their own, they become confident in facing the crowd particularly building their inner goddess. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” by George Eliot. And i think that is a beautiful reminder that they are with a purpose,unique and remember a teen is never too old to receive love and care.


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