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Last updated: March 23, 2019

When there is absenteeism in the organization, the work would not get completed on the specified time and work gets cumulated.

The employees may need to complete more work within less time which leads to work overload. Work overload happens when there is too much to do within a specified time. The employees who are present for the work may need to carry out the responsibilities of absent employees as well and they would be in a hurry to complete the work which affects the work quality.The increase stress in the workplace which results from the absenteeism leads to employee dissatisfaction and de-motivation of the employees. Employees would be motivated when they are in a position to complete the work and get their reward. But when they find it difficult to complete the work due to absenteeism, employees get de-motivated.The cost for the organization would be high as the absenteeism affects the productivity and the organization may not reach its goals. The employee cooperation is very important for the organization to succeed and when there is absenteeism, the job completion will not happen on time.

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There is direct as well as indirect cost for the institution due to absenteeism. The direct cost may include the salary paid to the absent employees and the cost to manage absenteeism in terms of overtime pay given to other employees. The indirect costs would be in the form of costs related to quality reduction, reduced productivity and the effects of poor employee morale.


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