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Last updated: November 13, 2019

When the Country Bled: The Sacrifice For FreedomA wintery wind flurries as three men approach a nondescript front door, their dark uniforms stark against the glittering white snow. For military families, a visit like this never bodes well. As the woman behind the door clutches the curt, tear-soaked telegram to her chest, her daughter sinks to the floor, deathly pale. This realistic scene stirs sympathy in American hearts nationwide, bringing forth gratitude for our honored fallen. Their sacrifice has paved the way for freedom.

By observing the price of liberty, the value of the sacrifice paid to preserve freedom, the privileges offered to Americans, and the protection of individual and constitutional freedoms will be identified. When contemplating independence, one factor emerges as its defining quality: sacrifice. Prior to the Revolutionary War, the establishment of personal rights was a treasonous act. The Founding Fathers’ sacrificial risk of their lives and power resulted in a new era of privilege and blessing. In the subsequent generations, sacrifice remained crucial to the endurance of American freedom. Independence is not only historical; it affects all parts of modern life.

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The protections offered by freedom emerge every day. These constitutional rights include religious freedom, the right to peaceful protest, and the right to a speedy and public trial. As articulated in the Amendments to the Constitution, these rights benefit citizens by enabling them to actively participate in the individual pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Worshiping by choice, free expression, and the presumption of innocence are rarities in today’s world. While not every citizen chooses to appropriately apply these freedoms, they nonetheless play a foundational role in American society. The old adage “Freedom isn’t free” accurately describes the price soldiers and their families pay to sustain freedom. The men and women fighting for American freedom protect individual rights for all citizens, but a new generation must follow in their footsteps and embrace the call to service. Individual liberties benefit all citizens, so sympathy should arise, along with a sense of duty to support, and possibly service.

After demonstrating the price and privileges of freedom, the value of sacrifice for individual and constitutional liberty is apparent. The benefits of freedom emerge in everyday life, protected by constitutional rights. The American military, made up of ordinary citizens, protect the individual rights of their fellow Americans. They issue a call for a new generation to sacrifice themselves for these rights.

Because of sacrifice, independence abides.


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