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Last updated: March 26, 2019

When reflecting on my leadership experience, I had only one official leadership experience, which there have been so many challenges, so many celebrations, and so much that I have learned.I was the President of the National Mathematical Science Student Association(NAMSS) at Bauchi State University Gadau, Bauchi State, Nigeria.

between 2016-2017. As president most of my time is spent liaising between our Alumni Network and our network within the university, seeking out new opportunities for expansion and ways to build up awareness around campus. As well as overseeing the running of all the projects and other events that we run. Learning how to be organised, make decisions and delegate have been key for me in this position since bringing together all the different aspects makes it a pretty complicated role. NAMSS has been a huge part of my time at University.

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The profile generated described me as a Harmonizer. My preferences in the report can be summarized by the 4-letter code ESFJ for Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling and Judging. This 4-letter code is nicknamed ‘the Harmonizer’, people with this style are the most sociable of all the types.

I often question whether or not I am the right leader for my association. Am I making the right decisions? Am I moving things fast enough? Do my followers believe in what I do? However, even with my successful tenure as the president, I still had moments of doubt about my own leadership style before the start of the leadership challenge course along the way.


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