When Latino and African-Americans are described as “disorganized” by politicians and social commentators, they interpret the social and cultural aspect of these two minority groups. In the American society, politicians portray the cultural dysfunctions such as the lack of longevity in marriage, financial support, and disadvantages that both groups have against their own families. However, although social commenters and politicians misinterpret the family relationship of Latinos and Blacks, they omit the greater connections and family unity between these two groups. In reference to the statement, Gerstel and, Sarkisian don’t believe the reference was accurate. They argue that Latinos and Blacks are “more likely to live in extended family homes” and show supporting data through visual representation using a bar graph. In addition to the physical data, as a latino descendent, I believe that their argumentation is valid because my family is a clear and relatable representation of the evidence. The idea behind why politicians find it useful to use the term “disorganized” because it is much easier to label and target the lower social class since social commentators are highly tentative about using their own evidence, rather of looking at the broader image.


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