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Last updated: January 19, 2020

When it comes to the American diet, high quantities of sodium can be found in some foods. Sodium is a mineral that naturally accrues, or it can be added during the process of manufacturing. Most of the foods Americans consume that contain most of the sodium come from foods that are processed and come from a fast food chain other sources include bread, deli meat, cottage cheese, and pasta. It is estimated that more than 75% of the sodium intake for American’s comes from processed foods and fast food restaurants alone. Americans can limit their intake of sodium by understanding where it comes from and buy foods that are low in sodium. We can also try to eat out less and limit processed foods in our diets.

Fluoride role in the body replaces the hydroxyl turning it into fluorapatite which in general makes our teeth stronger and prevents decay. Without consuming enough fluoride, you can develop a variety of nutrition problems especially in children. The best source to get fluoride is from water, an estimated 75% of the us population obtain their optimal levels of fluoride through drinking water alone. The recommended intakes for fluoride for men is usually 4 mg per day and women are recommended 3 mg per day. Although fluoride is essential in health to much of it can damage teeth which can lead to fluorosis ( stained and pitted enamel).
Although fats around the abdominal area that are stored around vital organs protect them from harm, to much fat can become a problem. Research has proven to much fat around these areas are one of the main reasons people develop health problems such as cancer, certain heart diseases, and diabetes. Men are the most prone to these certain problems more than women since men are more likely to store visceral fat (fat stored in the abdominal area) also known as central fat, while women have more subcutaneous fat that is normally stored around the hips and thighs which can be linked with having a lower heart disease risk.
These days, fad diets seem to be the most popular method for people who are trying to lose weight, however, most people don’t realize these diets are not the right choice for losing weight. Most of these diets try to pull people in by telling them all these amazing things a certain product can do such as lose ten pounds in three days if you take their supplement or buy their cream. Also, these fad diets usually have no evidence to back up their claims. They target people who think they have tried everything and are looking for a simple and effortless way out of their problems. Another method fad diets use to promote their product and more make it more tempting is by using actors or “real people” who say their product works.

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