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Last updated: March 16, 2019

When I was back home I have an uncle who has schizophrenia a mental health condition, I always wish to help him as I made research of what mental health is about and how to help those who have it, it has giving me a deep understanding of sorts of condition mental health patient are suffering. Unfortunately, I was unable to support him because I was very young with lack of sources to do so. It is this experience that has convinced me that I should like make this field of care the focus of my career.

Was in 2013 when I was given an opportunity in a care home to work with an adult with a mental health condition, as training was giving, working with adult with mental health like schizophrenia, Personality disorder and (OCD) obsession compulsive disorder. This has given me an insight and experience of how to do care plans, give medication, and give personal care and plan activity with them. My experience has to give me a real practical understanding of the mental health nurse role and also a great sense of human satisfaction and help them to live more normal life and give them dignity as human being. Ever since then I have worked with various care setting, hospitals, care homes, rehabilitation homes, and even placement in schools settings.

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During my placement at schools settings I came across with children with challenging behaviour, working with children with autisms I create a caring and safe environment and Offer a curriculum that provides the best possible learning opportunities and experiences for children and young people, through observation I worked with individuals and plan suitable programme and activity promoting communication and positive behavior to all individuals to benefit from this to meet their needs. I development and encouraging personal achievement, communication skill supporting individuals with specific communication needs I consider to be a team player as I develop and sustain effective working relationships with staff. I aim to continue assisting other people with mental health condition through studying mental health nursing which will provide me with a wilder experience and real expertise in this field. Within College, studying level 3 diploma in health and social care I learned to promote person-centered approaches to focus on the individual. At Present, I work in a care home and understanding the role of communication and interactions with individuals who have dementia.


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