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Last updated: November 14, 2019

When I first started studying in WIUT, I felt this enormous challenge to keep up with all the course works, to meet deadlines, and to assimilate into a completely new society. I believed that I could easily handle all the university assignments since I was a top student back in high school. However, I found out that I still had to go a distant path and learn a lot from university life to be a professional individual in my major. During seminars I attended on a scheduled basis, I came across eye-catching bullet points and intriguing explanations to certain topics we were discussing. Economic factors, technologies revolutionizing our present lives, cultures undergoing massive changes due to globalization and other factors, foundations of proper confabulations in establishing strong relations are some of the topics that got me thinking deeply.

Not only did I broaden my views in these spheres, but also experienced how it would feel like working in groups.I remember our Context of Business tutor give us a teamwork assignment of analyzing economic figures of developing nations compared to those of advanced countries. I was not very fond of it at first, as I thought it was unnecessary to “restate” what is already known to informed citizens.

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However, once the discussions and research started, I got to know that many facts and figures I knew were rather outdated. I truly felt embarrassed at the very moment, because everything I mentioned during the discussions turned out to be invalid. Moreover, I felt under pressure, as clock was ticking showing less and less amount of time left, and I was not very much used to international atmosphere, which included representatives of other countries. Thus, the spark of interest in this “challenging assignment” settled in me.From that day on, I started improving my analytical skills through searching and comparing data in different sources when given assignments. Once I “partially” mastered over how to find up-to-date and reliable info on given tasks, I became eager to demonstrate these skills during tutorials, discussions, and home assignments. Everything went smooth after that, as I also learned how to cooperate with people of other nationalities.

I still completely believe that is just the beginning: as I progress, I will have to deal with other challenges ahead, but, hopefully, I will handle them with the experience I get in WIUT.


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