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Last updated: March 2, 2019

When a person is asked about the meaning of helping, most often his/her answer is that it means giving, being of use to others or giving to other. Anyone is a potential helper. Banks (2004) stated that people having to deal with difficult situations and choices, worrying feelings and/or a sense of having missed opportunities may well feel they need someone to listen and to assist them to make sense of what is going on, and to move on. Nevertheless, according to Hackney & Cormier (2013), when you are truly helping another person, there is the nature of relationship involved. Thus, helping means much more than giving. Being in a relationship, you and the other person should establish a safe and trusting bond.

Even before, helping relationships were put into professions. The helping professions include teachers, social workers, counselors, nurses and doctors, therapists and the like. In the dictionary, helping profession is defined as a profession that nurtures the growth of or addresses the problems of a person’s physical, psychological, intellectual, emotional or spiritual well-being

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