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Last updated: April 27, 2019

When a counsellor terminates a session before communicating with the client, this can cause problems of dependency. Dependency occurs during a counselling relationship. There are some reasons why it occurs. An important relationship will arise especially if the counsellor is friendly and warmhearted and that when the client will feel like building a relationship with the counsellor at the end of the session. The outcome will end up by creating a continuing relationship. Clients that may feel lonely most likely don’t have friends or relatives they tend to seek intimacy and fondness through counselling relationship and that’s where dependency occurs. Once the client solves their problems it will make them realise so they concentrate on smaller bothersome problems. The counsellor has to identify the whole counselling to assist the client to resolve their problems outside the sessions of counselling. The counsellor can resolve their issues but not intrude with the client’s personal life because that’s where dependency happens. To prevent dependency, the counsellor has to notify the client that dependency has developed in the counselling relationship, this has to be addressed by applying a good way of sensitivity. If dependency is reevaluated in a positive way that will help transit the matter towards termination. When the counselling ends the counsellor can arrange session with the client monthly instead of weekly and that will assist the client to modify to their independence and will support a smooth transit from dependency.


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