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Last updated: April 25, 2019

What Would Be My Life Without My Mother? What would be my life without my mother? This question touched my heart, because this is a very hard question to answer especially to us teenagers because teenagers nowadays depends their behavior base on what they see to their environment and surroundings, what do we expect more if we do not have our mother who always thought good things to us? Without my mother I can’t stand on my own. No one will teach me good things to do with other people around me, no one will teach me on how to greet or welcome them, no one will cook my favorite dish which is the “Adobo”, no one will give the things that I want. Without having her is the saddest things that I will face. No one will help me in times of need especially in my everyday problems and troubles. I cannot solve my problems easily without her.

Without her my life will be ruined because she cannot guide me in my everyday life. No one will support me in my hobby which is dancing. No one will support me during my contests and into my studies.

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My life will be ruined without her by my side.


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