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Last updated: March 2, 2019

What role did Enlightenment ideas play in the development of the United States? Give at least two examples to support your answer.The constitution uses Jefferson’s and Locke’s ideas. Jefferson helped by solidifying the ideas of natural rights and Locke stated that government had to be fair in order to be sustainable.How are the ideas of the Magna Carta evident in the founding documents of the US?The magna carta had set an example of limiting the government and this idea was interpreted into the constitution. An example would be the Checks & Balances system where no one branch is more powerful than the others.Briefly explain the roles of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches and how the power of the government is separated among them.

The legislative branch makes the laws, the executive branch enforces the law, while the judicial branch interprets the law.In your opinion, does the government work the way it should? Is power shared equally or does one branch control more than its share? Be sure to support your answers with details and examples.The original idea was that the branches had an equal amount of power, but I believe the judicial branch is a little overpowered. I believe this because the courts can make decisions that overturn laws that have been signed into law even when there is no constitutional basis for an action like that.Give one example of how you are affected on a daily basis by each of the following: your city/county government, your state government, the federal government.

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There are laws that affects me everyday, such as no littering and the speed limit. There are also laws against murder and drugs that everyone, including me, have to follow.


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