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what is the number system.

The simplest way to define it is as a way of writing numbers. In antiquity and now there are two numbering systems – positional and non-positional. The most perfect systems are positional systems, these are systems in which the value of a number depends on its position in the sequence. Non-position systems are those systems in which the value of a number does not depend on the position in the record. Positional number systems arose as a result of a long historical development of non-positional ones.Next, we will get acquainted with the history of numbers and number systems on specific examples that have long been included in history.

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The history of numbers and number systems in ancient timesAs already mentioned, the need for numbers arose a very, very long time ago. The history of numbers and number systems begins with the emergence of a single system, or as it is also called a “stick” system. In this system, only one element was used to designate numbers-a stick. Disadvantages of this system are obvious, too difficult and can be mistaken.History of numbers: the Roman numeral systemIn the second half of the third millennium BC the ancient Egyptian number system arose.

There are units, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. in it. were recorded with certain symbols, which were repeated no more than nine times.History of numbers: Ancient Egyptian number systemAlso in ancient times there was also the Babylonian number system. It uses a straight wedge, to designate units and a recumbent wedge, to denote tens. This system has made a great contribution to the development of numbers and number systems.History of numbers: Babylonian number systemsThe Roman numeral system is well known to us. It takes its place of honor in the history of numbers and number systems.

It is not very different from the Ancient Egyptian. In it, Latin letters are used to denote numbers.There was also a Slavic number system.

The numbers in it were denoted by letters. In the history of numbers and number systems, it is considered one of the most difficult, because it used 27 numbers (letters).The Greek numeral system, like the Slavic system, was based on the use of letters to denote numbers.

That’s how you can identify the very beginning of the history of numbers and number systems . Of course, there are still many numbering systems, because almost every people tried to make it convenient for themselves.


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