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Last updated: April 10, 2019

What is the nuclear waste? According to the textbook, Nuclear waste refers broadly to radioactive waste that is no longer needed in nuclear fuel production, processing, and nuclear reactors. It also applies exclusively to spent fuel used in nuclear reactors. After the reprocessing of available atomic materials such as plutonium 239, the remaining uranium-238, etc.

are no longer needed and have radioactive waste. From the technical point of view, nuclear waste is mainly divided into three types: high-radioactivity, medium-radioactivity, and low-radioactivity. High-level atomic waste includes mostly spent fuel and its processed materials generated after nuclear power generation. Medium- and low-level radioactive nuclear waste generally comprises pollution protection equipment, testing equipment, operating hydration systems, exchange resins, wastewater waste liquids, and gloves and other labor protection products of nuclear power plants. Low- and medium-level radioactive wastes are less hazardous; high-level atomic waste contains a variety of highly radioactive elements that are harmful to the human body. For example, as long as 10 milligrams of earthworm can cause death, various nuclear waste disposal methods are not the same. So how do we handle nuclear waste properly? China’s treatment of low- and medium-level radio-nuclear wastes are handled according to national standards and the requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

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Both solid and liquid nuclear wastes must be solidified and then placed in 200-liter stainless steel barrels. The disposal of the reservoir is in the reservoir. The burying of atomic waste in permanent repositories is currently the safest way for nuclear waste disposal internationally. However, in Western societies, because of the strong opposition of environmentalists, it is not an easy task for the government to find an undisturbed place for the permanent disposal of nuclear waste. Therefore, it is more inclined to temporarily store it in low- and medium-level radioactive atomic waste stores.

Safer, more acceptable processing technologies and solutions emerged for final processing. So far, the only country in the world that has established a site for the construction of a high-emission nuclear waste disposal site in Finland. For ensuring the safe disposal of nuclear waste, countries should accept international supervision when they are put into operation.


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