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What is more important vengeance or virtue ?The play “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare follows the life of Prospero and his road of vengeance which in the end leads to forgiveness. The poem “En El Jardin De Los Espejos Quebrados” by Virgil Sanchez focuses on Caliban and his rough times as Prospero’s slave.In the poem Caliban is in love with Prospero’s daughter Miranda. In the last poem “Caliban” by J.P Dancing Bear Caliban reminisces on his memories of his mother who Prospero killed in order to take over of land. According to these three texts there is more value in virtue over vengeance.
In “The Tempest” the main character Prospero learns the true meaning of virtue near the end of the play. For instance, In the play Prospero’s slave Caliban plots to kill him
Instead of retaliating Prospero decides to pardon Caliban, when Prospero makes the decision to not punish Caliban for his viscous actions he chooses virtue over vengeance.
Furthermore, Prospero also chose to forgive the king, Alonso and his brother, Antonio.” Go, release them, Ariel, my charms I’ll break their senses I’ll restore, and they shall be themselves” (Act 5 Scene 1 Line 30). Prospero let go of all the anger he had towards Antonio and Alonso, this decisions allows him and his daughter Miranda to be happy once again Prospero chooses virtue over vengeance. Also, Prospero said it himself in the play ” Do I take part, the rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance” ( Act 5 Scene 1 Line 30) Prospero believes that virtue is better than vengeance and his decisions reflect it, his decision to let all the hate go makes every character life in the play better in some way. Some people may say that vengeance should be valued over virtue because that was the reason Prospero brought everyone to the island in the first place. Without a doubt virtue should be valued more than vengeance because in the play Prospero was not truly happy until he let go of his angry past and that’s when he was able to move on and become truly happy.The play makes it abundantly clear that virtue should be valued over vengeance.
In the poems “En El Jardin De Los Espejos Quebrados” and “Caliban” it is clear that there is more value in virtue over vengeance. Specifically in “En El Jardin De Los Espejos Quebrados” Caliban falls in love with Miranda ” He thinks of the old man’s daughter, her feather soft-hands, the way she’ll smile up at dresser mirror, as if she knows this secret of slatted images on a ponds surface” ( Page 607 Line 5). Even though Caliban is treated poorly by Prospero he still found room in his heart to love Miranda. This means that Caliban had to forgive Prospero in order to be in love with his daughter. Moreover, In the poem “Caliban”, Caliban lets all his anger builds up “Mother I am shaped an evil thing” ( Page 609 Line 15).
Caliban has let all his anger and need for vengeance change who he is inside.
Finally, Caliban also realizes that he vengeance is the reason he is miserable ” Before hatred ate my heart there was music…” ( Page 608 Line 1). Caliban knows the reason he is a monster is because all the hate he has build up inside. The poems makes it clear that vengeance can change who you are inside and forgiveness can lead to happiness.
Virtue is the key to happiness and vengeance will leave you upset and hurt. The play showed that virtue is better than vengeance because Prospero forgave everyone in the end. In the poem “Caliban” it shows that virtue is better because Caliban let all the anger and vengeance he wants eat him up inside and that turned him into a monster. All in all virtue has more value and benefits then vengeance.


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