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Last updated: April 5, 2019

What is Methodology it can best be defined according to as “A system of broad principles or rules from which specific methods or procedures may be derived to interpret or solve different problems within the scope of a particular discipline. Unlike an Algorithm, a methodology is not a formula but a set of practices (

” Therefore, my methodology is based on 3 strategies that I would implement research, theory, and practice. Research topic consist on parental involvement in public schools, theory what my beliefs and finding were as well as what other theories have to say on the topic, and last practice what actions can we take to ensure that parental involvement and teacher engagement are in the best interest of the children. First, upon completing this research I made sure that the privacy of the children as well as the parents that was involved in the research was protected.

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I had to get permission from the teacher who classroom I chose to do the research in. I also had to send written forms home asking parents permission to conduct the research in their child’s classroom. I also explain to the parents the reason behind my research and why I chose to carry this specific research out? I allowed the parents to make the decision to be a part of this research as well as allowing their children to take part in a research that could validate many of the reasons why parental involvement is lacking in the public schools. This research isn’t a drawn out one and at any time the parents has the right to withdrawn from the research as well as pulling their child or children out. The research will last for 1 year as I gain the necessary information to formulate where the problem lies.

Therefore, all children within the classes would be knowledgeable of the research as well as the lead teacher who classes I would be seeking permission from.


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