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Last updated: September 25, 2019

What influences which foods we decide to buy and eat? Personal taste, family preferences, cultural influences, emotional reasons, health concerns, social pressures, convenience, cost, and variety of the foods that all come into play when we choose what to eat. There maybe influences between your friends or family that gives you those times to make the right decision on what to eat.The main reason we choose a particular food is because we like the way it tastes. But it is possible to tell ourselves to love the taste of healthier foods as an adult.

Learning to enjoy the taste of eating right takes time and perseverance. Ask most any expert about the secret to weight loss, and you’ll hear that it’s essential to keep favorite foods as part of a healthy diet. We all grew up with fond memories of foods that bring us joy.

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Others want a specific detailed list of foods to eat and avoid, like when you have a meal plan of things to eat and not to eat. Studies suggest that the greater the variety of food offered, the more we tend to eat. Keep the variety of foods at any particular meal to a minimum, and it may help you resist the temptation to overeat or eat the unhealthy foods.

Typically, we eat more when we eat meals away from home and with others. Some studies suggest that the size of the meal we consume increases with the number of people at the table.


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