What I noticed in Donnie Darko was how a film can be looked at for its popularity and not its actual story for me this movie is the epitome of complex but to most it’s just a “weird” “cool” flick with many subplots that ultimately confuses the audience members who aren’t actually paying attention to details.
Now I watched this flim before but never understood it maybe its because I didn’t focus but today I thoroughly did the latter and realized this is a time traveling multidimensional thriller about a main character who is a schizophrenic teen with some teenage drama who believes his destiny is to save the world but in order to do that he’ll have to become a martyr.

The 1st scene with Donnie and Frank stood out for ex; in the first sighting you hear the eerie background music while Donnie is walking from through the lawn towards the sidewalk the camera shot gradually rises then cuts to Donnie who’s helming a sort of demonic look then it fades out and cuts to Frank who’s across the golf course looking creepy as ever he tells Donnie when the world’s going to end which is approximately 28 days. As a viewer that made for a great introduction to frank who’s a human-sized bunny straight out of a horror film. The aftermath of that scene is Donnie gets woken up by the groundskeeper unknowingly escaping death the before night which again as a viewer is pretty bizarre and intriguing.

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