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Last updated: July 20, 2019

What I have learnedThis course helped me to learn how the home phone network works and how the wiring of these networks can be done. It also helped me to know how to troubleshoot if there is an error in the system and how to use all the tools related to this. And what are the main difference between Rogers and bell in there wiring and servicesHome Phone installationFirst, check if the customer already has the wiring in the house if not then you must do home run wiring according to their requirement. After that check the RF signal at CSE and TAP to check if the value is ok to run the service properly.

If the values are not good then report fixing that. If everything is good to connect the home phoned to the power outlet and then to the service providers cable through the jack you installed while wiring. Now connect the home phones eMAT and then check the lighting sequence. Connect the eMAT to the jack and check dal tone and outgoing on all the jacks installed. If everything works properly then the installation is successful. If there is any problem then perform troubleshooting.How to disconnect the Bell serviceTo disconnect bell service and change that with Rogers first you have to check if the wiring done by the bell is NID or protector. In addition, the disconnecting processes for both the NID and Protector can be impacted by the presence or absence of demarks and/or hard-wired lines.

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Never cut or disconnect the bell from the protector or ground because that can damage customers house. Just disconnect bell from customers side of protector and the connect Rogers to it. Check all the jacks if there is any problem then perform troubleshooting..

How an alarm system worksAn alarm system has sensors placed in the house which are made for different purposes like detecting fire or breakthrough. Alarm system connected to the phone system gets really advanced if there is any fire or breakthrough the alarm system will give a call to emergency services according to the given callsTroubleshooting proceduresIf you are doing are troubleshooting always begin from the source of the error to the end. first of all, try powering on and off the device if nothing happens to check the type of wiring done in the house is it home run or loop then check all the wires of all the system and alarm system for any broken wires. Then check all the jacks according to that wiring try to the area of the problem and isolate that so that rest of the house can work fix the problem and check the dial tone.

Normal operations of the eMTAeMTA stands for embedded multimedia terminal adapter. This device allow computer to communicate through cable line. eMTA is the combination of the modem and router in a single device. The tip and ring of the eMTA is connected with green and red terminal of the jack. The right way to connect the eMTA is to connect coax to supply and return to ground.Abnormal state of the eMTAThe only abnormal state of eMTA is when it does not have proper running power is the power is to low then there will a lot of disturbance the line but if the power is more then there will a circuit short and the whole system an burn..

Difference between Rogers and Bell phone service one of the main differences between bell and Rogers is that bell uses fiber optics to deliver their service to customer where as rogers use a copper cable to transfer data. bell provide great customer service and are available all the time their fiber optics provide great upload and download speed. Bells monthly television packs are for affordable then rogers. on the other hand Rogers use a copper cable which is slower than fiber optics and have low upload and download speed. Rogers also provides rogers on demand on which customers can order programs and they can pause, rewind, and record the programs


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