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Last updated: March 7, 2019

What can you determine about the corporate culture from the fact that they waited this long to consider the development of an EPM system?
The above company refers to a vertical organization where power originate from top to down approach here and the person at the top has the highest power bottom employees report to their top level employee while looking at the scenarios the managers are scared to implement EPM system they have a insecurity of losing their command over their bottom employees. As project managers interact directly with the technical team , business team , executive level teams which feels like they have more power for a regular manager but where it comes to facts Manager’s wont loose power because of the project managers this is because project managers conduct daily standup’s which they interact with the developers to know their issues and reasons for blocking they will help to coordinate with other teams for smooth flow of tasks and continue the progress of the team whereas regular manager is responsible for getting the projects funds and purchasing of tools and being up to date with the current technology ,
My intension is Mangers need to understand that EPM system is needed for smooth functioning of the team it’s not something they will lose power, job or something else it helps their job a bit easy and having a planning and reviewing their goals leads to a successful company which leads to have their employees jobs secured.
Agile Methodology one of the leading SDLC in the market also uses EPM system , Project Manager play a vital role According to agile the project is divided into several sprints to see the results at the end of each sprint instead of waiting for a long period that is complete project end date like other SDLC example waterfall , so on. Agile is one of the cost efficient business models.
One more thing is the executive level team need to think what will be needed in the future and adapt the changes to be competitive in the market.
Lack of knowledge is also one of the drawback, Employees need to be educated with the current trends in the market and also organization need to provide them training about the current procedures used in the market so that they all aware of the products and it’s importance.
Overall thing to keep the company competitive in the current world they should incorporate the new changes easily like EPM system.


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