What are Robots ?
Robots are machines that are programmed by a computer and also designed to usually finish one or multiple tasks with a high speed and accuracy in a short time. The word robot comes from the Czech word ‘robota’ which is defined as forced work. Now a day’s robots are seen as any man made machine that can perform tasks and actions normally like preformed by humans. Robots can be controlled by a remote control to finish a specific task or it does the work automatically.

What are Robots applications ?
Robots perform many different jobs in a variety of fields and their applications has been split up like industrial robots, household robots, medical robots, military robots, entertainment robots, space robots, and competition robots.
• Industrial robots – are robots that play a role in an industrialized manufacturing atmosphere. These robots are created to helps ease work for applications like material handling, painting, welding and more.
• Household robots – are robots that are used to do chores and different tasks in home. For example like robotic sewer cleaners, robotic vacuum cleaners, robotic pool cleaners, and other robots that can perform different tasks at home.
• Medical robots – are robots that are employed in medicinal institutes. For example surgical treatment robots and lifting supporters.
• Military robots – are robots that play a role in military and armed forces, these robots consist of discarding robots, various shipping robots, exploration drones.
• Entertainment robots – it’s a wide ranging category and these robots are employed for entertainment. There are used for the recreational purpose in commercial and entertainment venues with the help of others.
• Space robots – are robots that are capable of surviving the harsh environment of the space to perform exploration, construction, maintenance, and servicing.
• Competition robots – are robots that are created by students and their purpose are for students to learn more about robots and robot functioning and to be more competitive.

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What are Artificial Intelligence ?
Artificial Intelligence is a machines that work and act like humans it has been developed by the computer systems to make it able to perform tasks normally like human. It’s also a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines.

What are Artificial Intelligence applications ?
• Artificial Intelligent Chef’s – helps you create a recipe based of what ingredients you have, it will calculate how many dishes it can make based on the ingredients you have and how to prepare it and also give you several options that you can choose one from.
• Self driving cars – are cars that drives without a driver they are guided by artificial intelligence technology and they function by automatic learning.
• The smartest investor – a programmed computer that chooses companies that no one have ever heard of before and turn them into the most successful startups.
• A superhuman doctor – with the use of artificial intelligence and a lot of learning doctor’s can promptly diagnose cancer before it’s late. Some researchers argues that artificial intelligence can help cure cancer is less than a decade away.
• Life on other planets? – NASA is using artificial intelligence to look for life in other planets. They use devices known as rovers to help them explore more details and reveal the properties of the planet to help them determine if there is a possibility of life.

How Robots and AI will affect future jobs ?

No question there will be a huge affect for future jobs and most people will have trouble searching for jobs. A study had been made by McKinsey Global Institute for two years suggested that by 2030, AI and Robots might eliminate almost 30 percent of the world’s human labor. Automation is the use of different ways of control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, boilers and heating ovens. Automaton will displace between 400 and 800 million jobs by 2030.

How UAE is taking the lead in Robots and AI ?

Artificial Intelligence in the UAE is increasing and they are heavily focusing in future of artificial intelligence. Also they are working hard to find many applications that artificial intelligence can provide and also what are their risks. Life in the UAE will change very rapidly in the coming 50 years. Experts did a plan to see how will artificial intelligence change the UAE in the next 50 years. In one year from now a project called oyoon which means the eyes will launch in Dubai to improve thousands of surveillance cameras using artificial intelligence and will also help to track criminals. In five years from now experts believe there will be no traffic jams, no traffic lights, no accidents and , no road rage. There will be self driving cars, trucks, and buses. In 10 years, robots will begins to replace humans as drivers. The robot will be at the wheel, figuratively speaking, and driving with a very low risk of accidents. A robotic car never make a driving decision based on road rage, which is one of the main causes of accidents. They will believe that cars are just too 20th century then drone transport will be an option for daily use. The RTA expects to have taxi drones in the air to reduce traffic. Super intelligence is defined as any intelligent system that is smarter the average human brain. In 25 years, many aspects of life from the judiciary system to financial world could be regulated by super intelligence. Many won’t believe if it is possible for a man to set foot on planet mars within 50 years, but it will be a lot closer to reality than many would believe. The UAE is about to enter the global race to explore outer space with the first Arabic-Islamic probe, which will consist of an only emeriti team set to hit the Red Planet by 2021, the UAE also have announced its first astronauts which are expected to set off for the international space station in 2020 after many years of training.

Examples that are currently being implemented in UAE that are using Robots and AI

The United Arab Emirates are willing to do whatever it takes to make their countries’ future as bright as possible. Speaking of which, Dubai’s police force is expecting the first ever robot cop in the United Arab Emirates. This robot cop will be serving 25 percent of Dubai’s force by 2025.Years ago, a prototype of the future robot cop was shown in one of the exhibitions in 2016. Dubai clarified some of the features this robot can do in the future. For instance, the robot’s body will be featured with a touch screen which the citizens would use to report crimes and pay fines. The robot cop is also capable of scanning faces and will be able to spot approaching people 30 feet away. In effort to end violent situations easily, authorities declared an artificial intelligent DNA data bank, which will track and tackle down future criminals. The DNA data bank will also decrease the chances of mysterious and unsolved crimes that occur in The United Arab Emirates. As Abdullah Bin Sultan once said, “Dubai will be one of the best five cities in the world on security level”. Speaking of robots implementing the United Arab Emirates future, Dubai stated that robots will also be in schools couple of years from now. After a robotics conference that has been done in October 3rd, 2017,assistant robots will be used in most of Dubai’s schools. But they will only be distributed from kindergarten to second grade students. Ministry of Education (MOE) and Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC)have been working on this smart robot assistant for the past five years. They came up with this idea because younger kids this age often struggle with learning strong subjects, like math and science. After all they determined to invent a teaching assistant robot to make younger kids closer to these tough subjects with an enjoyable experience. These robots wont only educate students, yet will help their social behavior as well as their engagement. In addition, while teachers are grading the students work, a robot will be by her side guide her how to grade each work fairly. Moreover, these assisting robots has many more ways to benefit the students and teachers. For example, student interacting with robots would give them the freedom to express their academic problems so as solving them. It will also help younger students basic programming so they will be able to speak with robots in the future. As well as implementing their imagination, or let’s say their innovative ideas into life. Imagine a world with no traffic jams, no traffic light, no vehicle accidents, and no road rage at all. Dubai declared a self-driving transportation that will be introduced in five years, by the quarter of 2030. These self-driving transportations would be able to manage how the vehicles transport harmlessly through the roads. Constructions are under process in our current year (2018), it
would also be capable of transferring Abu Dhabi citizens to Dubai in just 12 minutes.

The social impact of Robots and AI on our societies

Artificial intelligence and robots have proven to us humans that they are capable to do a lot of tasks and that artificial intelligence and robots replace a lot of jobs in the future. Major leader in tech industry say that we need to control artificial intelligence so to not fulfill the media’s portrayal of robots that would destroy us for creating them. The media has also over exaggerated the downfalls of artificial intelligence. Many people fear that the rate of unemployment will increase with the existence of artificial intelligence and robots in the future. It’s true that it will take some jobs, but it will give more in return. Artificial intelligence and robots can help both machines and human workers in being more productive in their work and also help them to finish their work precisely in a short period of time. Artificial intelligence is a technology that will integrate quietly in society. Think about when computers where introduce, many people thought that their jobs is going to replaced by these computer but today the computer has brought many new job opportunities for work and advancement. It is similar for other fields like healthcare and transportation. We can agree that artificial intelligence at first will still have some flaws with as it is still emerging and it also depends on who is using and for what purpose it is used. Artificial intelligence brought many features that we didn’t realize yet like Apple’s Siri and Google translate and much more. Artificial intelligence can also be use to help solve social problems in developing countries. For example the United States can use this technology to improve border security systems and India can also use this technology to help them with their national campaign “Clean India”, in healthcare, education, and public sanitation. Artificial intelligence is going to need better regulations and constant approval in order to control the intelligence and the regulations will clearly state what security and intelligence measure needs to be taken in order to have a successful field with clear objectives.

Conclusions and Recommendation
In conclusion, robots and artificial intelligence will play a big role in the future and it is true that there will be some affects like people will lose some jobs but they will give more in return , the world is changing and by time robots and artificial intelligence are still emerging. People need to realize that they will improve a lot of tasks that humans do which will decrease a lot of risks that happen daily like car accidents and human errors that occur daily , also its true that the technology will have some flaws at the beginning but it’s normal thing because by time everything will be developed and controlled. People need to look at the bright side and see that these technologies will improve a lot of tasks that we performs and it will make our life’s much easier and simple and also these technologies will help humans to be more productive they just need to know how is this technology used and what is its purpose.


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